Barber Cuts This Homeless Man’s Hair. Months later, receives the best gift ever

A Montgomery County hairstylist is using her skills to help others. Laura Reed has been cutting hair for more than 20 years. He says He can’t imagine herself doing anything else.  

“I love what I do, it’s the best job,” said Reed. 

Reed works at 4&Co Salon in Rockville and Ricks Chop Shop in Mount Airy. In her free time, He often goes out looking to help the homeless. He stops by shelters and places where He knows homeless people are staying, offering them a free cut. 

“It’s more than a haircut, it’s giving people back their dignity, giving back people a little bit of humanity and letting them know life isn’t always easy, but there are people that care out there,” said Reed.

Jovan J. has been in and out of the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless for eight years. 

“It’s really something that I wouldn’t wish on anybody else. It’s rock bottom actually, to know you don’t have anywhere to stay, you might not have anything to eat, sleeping on concrete or sleeping at bus stops,” he said. 

Reed documents her cuts on her Instagram page, telling stories of the people He says are so often forgotten. As for Jovan J., he was happy to share with us that after nearly ten years of being homeless, he will be moving into his own place this month.

“It’s not easy, but there are good people out there in the world and people that care about you. No matter what, don’t give up because there’s always a better day,” he said.