Everything Your Tea Room Needs

Drinking tea can be quite the experience since it can be social, relaxing, or simply part of a daily routine. One thing that factors into the experience is the setting. Whether you want to be the host or just enjoy an afternoon tea on your own making sure your tea room has the essentials is important in creating the best experience. Take a look below to see everything your tea room needs.

Table Style - Most people will go for the traditional style that includes a lot of floral patterns but go for what suits what you envision the best. This also means mixing and matching patterned tableware that best suits for the general theme you are going for. 

Table Decor - Add some flowers in vases to the table for a nice touch. Use a table cloth and napkins that fit with the style you chose to go with.

Silverware: Smaller silverware will fit with a more traditional tea room and add a bit of elegance to it. Smaller silverware will be good for the small snacks and treats that will be consumed.

Furniture: It really depends on the style you choose, but wood is always a good option when it comes to tea. If you want to be comfortable and plan on using the tea room as part of a daily routine then consider a comfy chair that can go in the corner when you aren't hosting a tea party. The table will most likely have a cloth on it, so there is nothing wrong with going the cheaper route.

Tea Set: Probably the most important thing for a tea room is to have a proper tea set. You will be drinking and serving tea so this is a must. The chosen set will be based on what style you have chosen. Start putting your tea room together with this Traditional Floral Tea Set that can go with many different styles. 


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