How To Decorate Your Traditional Tea Room

Having a cup of tea is part of a lot of peoples routines. Whether it's casual or with a group of friends the setting can play a huge role in making the experience better. One way to improve the experience is having a tea room that you can either enjoy tea on your own or host your own tea party. Take a look below on how to design your tea room for the best experience possible.

- Decorating walls with a wood design creates a traditional look

- Colors such as maize, gold, or celadon are great for the walls if wood is not used as decorated

- Chinese styled chairs or benches should be made from wood

- Table tops are preferably wood 

- Silk lanterns over the table will help set the right mood

- Having the right tea cups and pots that fit with the style are important too. Start with this Japanese styled Toshima Teapot to get your room headed in the right direction.


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